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B Vitamins And NAD

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  •  Nov 26, 2023

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B Vitamins And NAD

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NAD is often cited as the ultimate rejuvenator due to its various health benefits. Found in the forms of niacin, and vitamin B3, NAD is an integral part of the mitochondria of every cell that affects every symptom in every organ. Beyond boosting energy levels, NAD also lengthens telomeres to promote healthy aging.

However, achieving NAD balance is crucial as too much of it can lead to methylation suppression, which is vital in brain function and liver detoxification. Moreover, methylation can be quite complex, requiring a blend of multiple cofactors and six methyl donors - folate B9, vitamin B12, methionine, sam-e, betaine, and choline - to work effectively.

Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list, making it important to consult a health expert to strike the perfect balance.

When it comes to discussions around folate utilization, most people tend to only fixate on the MTHFR mutations. However, there are other crucial factors that come into play when it comes to properly using folate. Cue the often-overlooked zinc and choline. While many individuals jump to taking excessive amounts of folate to compensate for any potential deficiencies, this can actually do more harm than good - especially if your system doesn't tolerate it well.

In fact, the lack of cofactors like B2 may be the root of the issue. With the right blend of B2, folate, and other remedies, individuals can properly utilize this crucial vitamin and feel their best selves.

The cofactor approach is a revolutionary way of thinking about human health. It is not genetic determinism, but a holistic or systems approach to viewing genetic damage caused by environmental factors, such as nutrient deficiencies.

Cofactors, essential nutrients that work alongside enzymes to catalyze biochemical reactions in the body, are often overlooked in traditional medicine. In fact, many people believe that simply taking more supplements or eating more nutrient-rich foods will compensate for any deficiencies.

However, the cofactor approach recognizes that every individual is different and that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. For example, zinc and copper are ratio dependent and the fear of copper toxicity has been overstated. Ultimately, the cofactor approach provides a personalized solution to an individual's health puzzle.

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