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Fix Dairy Allergies

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  •  Nov 26, 2023

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Fix Dairy Allergies

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Nutritional Deficiencies

Dairy products include milk, cream, cheese, butter, ghee, yogurt, kefir, fermented milk, whey protein, colostrum, raw or pasteurized.

Have you ever considered that your dairy allergy could be linked to a potassium deficiency? It turns out that this is the number one nutritional deficiency leading to dairy allergy. But what's even more interesting is that potassium is also needed to assimilate many other foods, making it a crucial component of a healthy diet.

Magnesium and sodium also play important roles in assimilating other foods, but it's crucial to balance these electrolytes and take only the ones you're deficient in.

If you're sulfur intolerant and allergic to sulfur in dairy, a molybdenum deficiency may be to blame. It's fascinating how everything in our bodies is connected, and the deficiencies in these minerals can wreak havoc on our ability to tolerate certain foods.

Gut And Digestion

Do you ever get a stomach ache or feel bloated after eating certain foods? It could be a result of dysbiosis - an imbalance of good bacteria and yeast in your gut caused by antibiotics or pathogens like candida and sibo. Another issue that may arise is histamine reactions, caused by a lack of anti-histamine-producing bacteria to counteract histamine-producing bacteria found in foods and supplements.

Additionally, bile flow deficiency can result in difficulty digesting fats, as bile is responsible for breaking down larger fat globs into smaller parts for easier digestion. Symptoms like gallbladder pain and issues can often stem from these digestion problems.

Taking care of your gut health is essential to keeping your digestion in check!

Dairy Products

Dairy products go through a process called pasteurization. When milk is heated, it destroys all the enzymes that help digest food components like sugar, fat, and protein. As a result, some micro-nutrients, vitamins, and immune factors are also lost.

However, raw unheated milk and dairy products have all the enzymes and nutrients intact! But be careful, while butter and cheese may not contain lactose, they still have casein protein, which can cause allergies.

Did you know that cow milk with the casein protein A1 genetic is more allergenic than the A2 casein genetics cows? So, next time, if you're looking for something different, give goat, sheep, or camel milk a try, since they tend to not have the casein protein A1 genetic, and might be a better fit for your body!

Also, you may have heard people talk about the benefits of fermented dairy versus fresh dairy, and let me tell ya, there's something to it. Fermentation can make dairy easier to digest and provide a different nutrient profile that may address nutrient deficiencies.

Plus, all those B vitamins? Yes, please! But here's the thing, drinking milk cold isn't best for your digestive system. Try leaving it out to warm up a bit before chugging it down.

And if you're looking for a dairy alternative that's a little gentler on your gut, ghee might be your new BFF. It's had all those sugars and proteins boiled out, making it easier to tolerate for some folks. Just keep in mind that it's not raw and doesn't have all those helpful enzymes and nutrients in it, meaning it might not be as healing as raw dairy.

Overall, while it's true that dairy allergies are frustrating as all get out, I really do believe that with the right steps, they can be overcome. Especially when you consider all the healing power raw dairy products possess.

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