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Benefits Of Fish

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  •  Nov 26, 2023

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Benefits Of Fish

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Fish is an excellent source of Vitamin A, containing more of this nutrient than other muscle meats. And, when it comes to Vitamin D, it's best to get it from whole foods instead of taking a pill.

Seafood also packs a punch when it comes to important minerals such as selenium, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Additionally, it's easier to digest than other meats, making it great for a late-night snack that won't interfere with sleep.

Lastly, fish has a relaxing effect that can help with sleep, especially when compared to more stimulating meats like beef. However, while fish is a great source of these nutrients, it's important to avoid rancid fish oil pills that can do more harm than good.

Paradigm Problem

The supplement industry for fish oil and vitamin D often promotes a narrow perspective on science. The industry insists on "standardized" extracts to ensure that consumers receive enough of the product.

However, emphasizing quantity over quality can be detrimental to the final product. This approach to quality control measures mental quantities, but it is not reflective of physical results for the customer.

The best quality control prioritizes a product's impact on customers and their subjective experiences. W. E. Deming emphasized the importance of numbers that are "unknowable" and viewed products in the context of the whole system.

Today's reliance on fragmented science can lead to misguided marketing and medicinal practices. However, this approach may be useful in controlled experiments.

Toxicity Of Seafood

Seafood can offer incredible benefits when it comes to nutrition, but the possibility of being exposed to toxins in fish must be weighed against them.

However, it is worth noting that just because fish may be exposed to toxins does not mean they have accumulated them. In fact, just like us, fish have detoxifying mechanisms that can help break down and eliminate harmful substances.

It is important to pay attention to how you feel after eating seafood as this can provide a good indicator of whether or not it is toxic. While some people rely solely on general science and theories to determine the safety of what they eat, others are able to use their bodies' intuition to guide them.

As someone who is particularly sensitive to the way that food affects them, I believe it is important to listen to your own instincts and take a mindful approach when it comes to seafood consumption. After all, unique nutrients found in fish can offer valuable benefits that should be considered in the cost-benefit analysis.

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