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Sulfur And Cholesterol

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  •  Nov 26, 2023

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Sulfur And Cholesterol

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Sulfur and cholesterol play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. These elements have several benefits, including energy production, immunity, detoxification, skin protection, and pain management.

Interestingly, both sulfur and cholesterol are involved in the digestion process that occurs on the skin when producing vitamin D sulfate - a healthier, water-soluble version of vitamin D than pills alone can provide.

Cholesterol from animal fat serves as an antioxidant and helps protect the skin from sun damage caused by UV rays. However, UV rays are also necessary since they aid in the creation of vitamin D sulfate.

This process occurs when cholesterol gives up an electron and reacts with sulfur. The resulting compound, vitamin D sulfate, is water-soluble and can be transported through the bloodstream without having to rely on LDL cholesterol.

The only food source of vitamin D sulfate is raw mammal milk, as heat from pasteurization or cooking destroys it. The important role of sulfur and cholesterol in our bodies cannot be understated, and getting enough of them is crucial to overall health and well-being.

Sulfur, a chemical element found abundantly in nature, has been the focus of much research in the field of healthcare lately. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT researcher, has published numerous articles on sulfur that suggest that it may be a big immune booster.

In fact, its role in the body may be more significant than that of vitamin D. Sulfur is essential for the proper structuring of proteins in the extracellular matrix and the structuring of water in the body. The latter is especially crucial since it holds electrical charge, a vital component of energy production.

The Exclusion Zone theory of water posits that water separates into negative and positive charges, creating a gel-like substance called the fourth face. This process involves sunlight, which converts photons of light to electrons in body water.

While the theory is complex, it suggests that cholesterol is needed to offset the UV spectrum of sunlight and prevent burning. As such, sulfur and cholesterol sulfate may be more important to overall health than we ever imagined.

In general, we find sulfate versions of nutrients more effective or cost-effective: like copper and zinc. Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) is unique for some purposes but not necessarily to be used exclusively.

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