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Common Mineral Deficiencies

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  •  Nov 26, 2023

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Common Mineral Deficiencies

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The Most Common Mineral Deficiencies We Observe


We're talking about magnesium, the most common nutrient deficiency out there. But magnesium is so much more than just a nutrient. It's a major player in the body's enzymatic processes, working alongside other important nutrients like sodium, potassium, and vitamin A to keep our bodies ticking.

Without magnesium, we're at risk for all sorts of issues like oxidizing toxins and bone density problems. So let's give magnesium the credit it deserves and make sure we're getting enough of it in our diets. Your body will thank you!


Did you know that iodine is often missing from our diets due to local soil conditions and lack of seafood? It's a vital nutrient that many of us are deficient in. When we lack iodine, our bodies try to make do with similar atoms that are also halides, like chlorine and fluoride in our water.

We may also be getting bromides from furniture fire retardants. Interestingly, iodine isn't just important for the thyroid - it's essential for every cell in our bodies. In fact, low thyroid hormone levels could be an adaptation to low metabolism due to nutritional deficiencies and toxic body burdens.

That's why iodine is so important - it works better than taking hormones. So go ahead and sprinkle some iodine on your next meal, your body will thank you!


Provides energy and is important for general detox, pain, skin, and utilizing sunlight for energy.


Silica is one of those minerals that flies under the radar more often than it should. Not only does it play a crucial role in keeping our joints healthy and our skin and hair glowing, but it's also an important player in detoxifying aluminum from our bodies.

Unfortunately, with all the air pollution that's out there, it's all too easy for our silica levels to get depleted, especially when it comes to the toxic exposure we get from aluminum in the air. And let's be honest- we could all use a little help getting that stuff out of our systems, right? So take care of yourself by making sure you've got enough silica in your life.


Did you know that mercury and lead, two harmful toxins, can be detoxified from your body? While these toxins may enter your system from a variety of sources, like dental fillings, coal-burning power plants, paints, and even large fish like tuna, there is still hope for removing them.

It turns out that selenium, a mineral found in abundance in fish, can actually help to neutralize any mercury that is present. Unfortunately, cooking seems to break down this protective effect. Despite this, it's important to be mindful of our exposure to these toxins and take steps to eliminate them from our bodies.


Have you ever heard of lithium? It's that metal on the periodic table, right? Well, yes and no. While lithium is a metal, it's also a mineral that can have some impressive health benefits. And yet, not many people know about this little sleeper mineral.

Turns out, lithium can help with sleep, detoxification, and a range of cognitive and emotional problems. So if you're struggling with any of these issues, it might be worth looking into lithium as a natural remedy. Who knew a metal could have so many hidden talents?

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